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1. How many stalls are available?

We have capacity for about 80 indoor stalls. Stalls are allocated once all applications are in on 15th Sept. Any requests for stalls above this number will be placed on a waiting list and be informed no less than ONE week before the fair date if any cancellations have been received.

2. Why do I have to apply for a stall why isn’t it first come first served?

We want to ensure we have a good selection and quality of arts and crafts on sale. which The A&M team choose the selection of artists they think will work best on the day.

3. How large is the stall area?

Stallholders will be provided with a table measuring at least 6′ x 2′, and you can use any available space around the stall, provided it doesn’t interfere with other stallholders or block the circulation of visitors.

You can bring your own stand as long as it’s no larger than 6’ x 2’.

4. Can I share a table?

If you’ve got a friend who does crafts you’d like to share your stall with then that’s fine, though you will need to make that clear on your application and not apply for stalls separately.

5. Can I bring lights to use on my stall?

You can bring electric lights, although we recommend these are PAT-tested in advance. If you are using extension cables ensure these don’t become a trip hazard. We only have a certain amount of stalls with sockets available so you MUST state you wish to have lights/sockets and we will do our best to provide them.

7. What are you doing to promote the Fair?

The Fair is run by a small group of parents, who donate their time and fit organising the Fair around children and jobs. We will do everything we can within our capacity to ensure that the Fair is well publicised, including making sure it is included within the listings of local newspapers, Viva Lewes, Viva Brighton, on our social media/blog and shared on national craft fair sites. We also have leaflets and posters that will be widely distributed around local venues, such as shops, cafes and anywhere else we can think of! We also have our own Facebook and Instagram accounts.

We also need your help in promoting the fair, so please spread the word with our publicity poster as much as you can!